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"Indulge in the need of delicate evolution. Where elegance and chic lie within the soul."

Etched Flower

Delicate Lines

Etched Drops

Ornament Chic

Heavenly beauty

The Pacific Ocean. Heavenly peace. Azure blue soul. Wonderfully beautiful flora and fauna. Delicate Chic combines the best from divine destinations with gracious elegance. A breathtaking collection which transports you to heavenly interior dreams. Delicate Chic is the ultimate refinement for your interior design. Three designs, one plain and a semi plain allow your home to bathe in stylish luxury. Timeless simplicity
with sober colours and a hot accent colour.

Flower with character
The tropical hibiscus plays its key role well. A styled version of the flower forms the basis of this powerful design. Traditional? Classic? Do not be fooled. The etched version is full of character with a modern touch. A flower with a punch!

From drop to diamond
The optical drop effect results in an ingenious diamond motif. The etch technique ensures a modern and slick style. Prominent and subtle at the same time. Strong and yet soft. Vague, but also flagrant. Etched Drops will not leave anyone untouched. A design that demands attention.

Ornamental geometry
Opposites attract. Or how graceful elegance and strong lines go hand in hand. The ornamental design steals the show in geometry. A classic touch influences the geometric pattern and ensures harmonious stability. The result is a cable design that will blow you away. One with class and shine.

Strong moiré
Do not consider Delicate Lines to be just a plain. The water-like stripe effect ensures a twist full of character. This strong moiré pattern exceeds every form of universality.

Ultimate refinement
A plain which actually isn’t a plain. Refined Grid combines a design with the modest class of a plain. The refined grid slices the vertical grass effect and therefore exceeds every plain protocol. This will become the modern and chic master, full of character, on your walls. Timeless elegance exceeds all others.