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Favourite Twist

“Every place can be your favourite. With a little twist to the usual, everything will change.”




Twisted Damask

Favourite Ornament

A unique combination

With Favourite Twist we present a unique combination. An unparalleled fusion of traditional elements brought together in a modern frame. The soft vintage collection catapults elements of large cities to the present age like a time capsule. It’s the 1960s with an abstract, fashionable nod. The result is daring, fresh and young. Five designs and a plain version enveloped in neutral, but warm colours. By combining classic and modern, the entire collection is top class. It’s a real twist for your walls and adds extra value to your interior.

Soft contradiction
A classic element with a contemporary look. The conservative stripe print has gained a lightly unorthodox character, owing to its particularly soft finish. It does not have a static lineation, but rather a harmonious transition. A tweed effect emphasises the charming signature of this powerful design.

Graphical damask
A successful transformation from the traditional damask to a sublime variant with a graphical zest. The finish is not in the least conventional, but rather it is strikingly modern thanks to an ingenious pattern. Glistening bronze tints intensify the dramatic effect of the linear styling.

Hallucinatory beauty
A playful interplay of triangular elements creates an almost hallucinatory result with a hint of retro. The geometric unity of this design is expansive, young and smart. A playful combo of matt textures and a frivolous shine effect add psychedelic splendour to the entire design. Two flock versions provide a characteristic twist.

Grandiose geometry
Icon stands out. Literally and metaphorically. A geometric motif in a link pattern inundates your interior with a unique, soft vintage look and feel. The modern colours in metallic ink propel the composition into a true pièce de résistance. Glass beads in two colour versions create a luxury effect. Geometry with grandeur.

A weathered twist
Never before has a classic ornamental motif been given contemporary status. Until Favourite Ornament. The metal ink and the weathered tweed look create a young charm yet respect the traditional character of the design. This is for anyone who likes a touch of contemporary classic.

Plain colours with a twist
Plain colours can be this cool. Tweed is not a monotonous representation of a banal monochrome colour, instead it glistens and creates a sublime glitter & glamour show. The warm colours of the background are counterpointed by a random pattern of bronze coloured metallic ink. This natural effect is definitely worth a round of applause.