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"Imagine what is hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Numerous treasures, endlessly waiting to be found..."








On a treasure hunt with HOOKEDONWALLS

The underwater world is always fascinating. There is no end to the hidden treasures of the sea. It is teeming with sea creatures, colourful corals and luxuriant plants that live together in a fairytale-like underwater jungle. High time for a plunge into the deep with Hidden Treasures.

The little mermaid
One of the most fairytale-like designs is without a doubt: Mermaid. The little mermaid has become a real lady who looks more sure of herself than ever with her wavy locks and flowing tail that accentuates her sensuality. With an enticing sultry look she easily captivates your interior.

The fascination of the barbel
The barbel is one of the most remarkable fishes. In the same way that he succeeds at decorating ponds and aquariums, Float magically transforms your walls into a real spectacle. The designs have highly contrasting colour combinations to emphasise the attributes of the barbel.

High tide
Colonies of coral and barnacles create a unique and lavish organic display. In Underwater they form a somewhat abstract pattern that suggests relief and structure. The design invites exploration. And thanks to the metallic sheen, coral never had such a glistening appearance before.

Schools of fish are enormously synchronised. They follow each other's rhythm creating a strange, almost hypnotic scene. The sun also contributes to the spectacle: rays of light are broken up by the surface of the water and shine on the scales of the fish. That glittering effect has something magical about it. Scale reflects this magic on your wall.

Underwater jungle
Are you enchanted by an aquarium full of sea creatures? The seabed is teeming with life. It is enough to inspire one to learn scuba diving. With Seahorse you go exploring among the flamboyant water plants looking for little seahorses, shells and starfish. The underwater jungle is waiting!

It is better not to tangle with a jellyfish during a swim, but on the wall they are harmless. These mysterious creatures propel themselves forward by means of pulsating movements that undulate out in their tentacles. That fascinating rhythm is found in Meduse, an ode to the unique look of jellyfish.

Meandering coral
Reef is a simplified design that portrays coral in a minimalistic manner. Some corals form veritable reefs covering tens of kilometres. Thus they provide a route that you can follow for great distances. With Reef you can feast your eyes on the lush meandering path of coral. With the colour variations you can get an appearance as soothing or striking as you wish.

The plain Tweed has a matt, even finish. The wallpaper looks like a beach covered with millions of grains of sand. Tweed can be obtained in 14 colour variations. Thus, among them, you can find a matching plain for any design in any colour.