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"The entire world looks new today. Stylish and chic, dazzling and sleek, covered in subtle layers of elegance."










Classic wallpaper with a twist

Vintage wallpaper is still on the rise. Yet it is increasingly difficult to find original prints. We are responding with New Elegance: this  collection brings a contemporary make-over of nostalgic designs.

Trends swing like a pendulum: they come and go, but they are also recycled. For our wallpaper collection New Elegance we drew inspiration from the past, from the old-fashioned wallpaper of your grandparents, but then put it in a hip jacket. In other words, expect nostalgic prints bathed in modernity.

Higher spheres
Take a classic tile pattern, give it a fresh make-over, and Deco sees the light of day. The recurring pattern is reminiscent of the interior of a cathedral: domes, arches and columns give a grandiose appearance to the building, and also to Deco. Yet the design is not heavy or overwhelming but is very elegant because of its fine formation.

Magic and fantasy
Are you a fan of fairytales? With Eclectic you bring your favourite fantasy world into your home. The design radiates magic and mystery. The organic design with its tiny, delicate details provides hours of viewing pleasure. And this design is very eclectic, as the name suggests. By displaying the combined styles and shapes in the same colour, a remarkably quiet scene is created, full of organic forms.

Baroque stands for luxuriant excess. That style period is distinguished by its many rich and ornate drawings. Floral prints are also included such as in the design Organic. The blazing, detailed pattern does indeed make your interior bloom. Organic is a striking pattern, perfect for an accent wall or for areas that need character.

Subtle pattern
Are you interested in a subtle pattern? Then select Glare. This wallpaper has a detailed print with smooth transitions, creating a peaceful atmosphere. If you look closely, the design looks a bit like crocheted or knitted fabric. Glare leaves a snug and warm impression.

Geometric shapes are popular in 2017. With Rhythm the tile pattern is consciously obscured, making the transitions more subtle and the colour gradations more natural. You see what you want to see: stacked-up diamonds, a herringbone pattern, rectangles or all forms at the same time.

You are already looking forward to the next winter season with Fauna. The playful spectacle includes deer, birds and butterflies in a beautiful sequence. In some colours the design gets a contrasting finish of velvet.

Full moon
The moon is mysterious, even though we see it every night. After all, it is the sun that defines the moon we see. Sometimes we see a full moon, sometimes a crescent, and at times we see nothing. With Moon you do not have to go outside to enjoy the phases of the moon. This design shows the different shades of the moon in a playful way.

Do you prefer a subtle texture on your wall, without a striking print? Then Misty or Tone are the right choices. These designs give you space to experiment in connection with other design items. Both are unobtrusive, but bring extra warmth and purity thanks to their specific structure.