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“The vivid dreams of the modern traveler. Traveling from place to place, like a wandering nomad.”






Roam through a landscape of prints and colours

In a melting pot of cultures and tribes, we roam like nomads, almost aimlessly, from one place to another. Nomadia from HOOKEDONWALLS takes you on a journey through uncomplicated textile patterns. A collection that reaches its destination without effort, a fresh and daring eye-catcher in any interior.

Aster: floral fortitude
A print that cannot be ignored. This floral design fulfils its role with boldness and bravery. Stylised, yet decorative thanks to the batik effect. A real eye-catcher in any interior.

Accra: psychedelic print
This geometric print with a distinctive urban look borders on the psychedelic. A statement on your wall, thanks to the repetitions of this small but high-impact bar design.

Solid: solid links
A design as solid, stable and steady as a house. This strong link print with chain effect needs neither frills nor details. Its straightforward approach suffices.

Axim: geometric wave
Like a geometric weave, this sleek design ripples across your walls. Uncomplicated and viewer-friendly thanks to the clear repetitions and special due to a design reminiscent of wickerwork.

Hedera: infinite ivy
The ivy works its way upwards infinitely. Its branches shine in all their flexibility, as well as strength, as they reach new heights on your wall, both literally and figuratively.

Mazuri: natural strength
Inspired by lines in nature, this design featuring leaf veins, raindrops and bamboo canes is as beautiful as it is simple. Its strength lies in its restraint. A natural, all-encompassing extension of the collection.