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“Inquisitive or apathetic. To impress or to act fugacious. Driven by impulses and floating on pure adventure.”

Great Impulse


Twisted Tweed


Pure Classic


Pure Adventure

The ultimate in variation, a mix of styles, an overwhelming array of impulses. This collection will add refinement to any living environment and is perfectly suited to every style, whether traditional or contemporary, modern or vintage. Upgrade your walls with traditional damask, semi-classic structures or modern geometrics. Discover five patterned designs and one plain design. In largely neutral hues with one accent colour.

Monumental damask
A monumental design. With all the magnificence of stately damask albeit in a sleeker pared-down style, reduced to its purest form. A glossy pattern blends into a warm tweed background, complementing it beautifully. Great Impulse adds a distinctively different note of balance to your interior.

Breathtaking Art Deco
Breathtaking Art Deco. From New York to Paris. A cocktail of graphic link patterns and industrial geometrics will transport you back to the dark smoky atmosphere of jazz clubs in the Roaring Twenties. It doesn’t get any more vintage than this. Gatsby, an individual and eclectic wallcovering.

Rest does not always mean rust
Romantic ornaments, floating on a bed of tweed, will give your walls a warm, carpet-like glow. Neutral, tone on tone colours will infuse your interior with peace and tranquillity as well as simultaneously adding a luxurious touch.

Abstract balance
Gravity creates the illusion of an abstract concrete tile. Sleek. Bold. Extraordinary. It has an industrial feel, but is never cold. The natural hues create a balance, while the metallic background adds a luxurious touch. Balance your walls with a bit of bling.

Royal Class
Damask in its most traditional form. Classic maybe but never boring. The decorative matte printed pattern adds a royal touch to the lustrous background. Bow down to this Pure Classic, which breaks through any form of protocol.

Welcoming simplicity
Simplicity always does the trick! A plain wallcovering with a tweed effect, in natural colours. Twisted Tweed warms up your interior, creating a welcoming, natural ambience. Feel the fabric. Feel the warmth.