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"We could live like never before. A splendid feeling rising up inside. Searching for the better. To conclude that we will be living forever."







Celestial enchantment

Splendid Living takes you on a journey. To a place of unearthly beauty. Where tender grace overflows its banks. Where stars connect to each other in a remarkable universe. Five designs and a plain in metallic lustre bewitch your interior. Heaven on earth.

Modern damask
A dramatic turn for this ornate damask, which is traditional from far but far from traditional. The distinct pointillist styling endows the design with immeasurable grandeur. Classic meets modern. A winning combination.

Stylish stripe
The famous striped design undergoes a modern makeover. The contemporary studs, which follow an irregular pattern, sweep a wind of modernity through your home. A breathtaking universe overwhelms your walls. Timeless class.

Noble elegance
A pattern that, thanks to the superb styling, emerges from its own shadow. Whimsical polka dots create a scintillating result. Dark and light flirt endlessly with one another, transforming the geometric rhombus into a sparkling, cut diamond. A flawless design, from the very first glance.

Ornamental dots
This medallion design twinkles like stars in the sky. A depth effect is created by a combination of large and small dots. A steady-paced pointillism. Majestic grandeur. Refined subtlety. Where soft lines and stately splendour meet in elegant unity.

Sleek and playful
Contradiction distinguishes this octagon. In essence, this geometric design is unmoving. Measured. Rigid. Castor seems uncompromising, but has a hidden agenda. The variable polka dotted pattern brings flexibility in a rigorous whole. Infinite perfection.

Stronger together
All hands on deck. Dots and stripes join forces in this outstanding plain. A restful haven in the collection, while reflecting a heavenly complementarity. Fine, vertical stripes in metallic lustre cleave through a sea of dots. A wave of sophistication washes over your interior.