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"Chaos and order mixed in an audacious mind. Compelling moods loudly drifting in and out."







Experimenting with colour and form

Pastel tints opposite earth colours, watercolour effects versus metallic sheen, and floral designs alongside rigid geometry: stark contrasts form the basis for Mixed Moods. This collection provides an enormous diversity of designs, subtle gradations of colour and refined finishes. Mixed Moods comprises no less than seven designs, executed in widely-differing colour palettes. Refreshing. Subtle. Varied.

A bit of joie-de-vivre
A playful floral pattern with a soft watercolour effect: this design is joy itself. Joy brings joie-de-vivre to any interior.

Partner in crime
With Verve you create the effect of wide brushstrokes on the wall. For interiors with character this design is the ideal 'partner in crime'. You can be even more daring with it: a number of references have been finished with a layer of soft velvet.

Breaking with clichés
Refreshing, innovative, different. Zest makes a break with all the clichés and gives us a traditional floral pattern in a totally unexpected way.

Striking and yet subtle
Large and small tiles fitted together in an apparently random pattern: that's Puzzle. Perhaps this is the most striking design in this collection, and yet extremely versatile, thanks to its neutral tints.

A special illusion
The illusion of triangular tiles makes Perplex a very special design. Some references are given a soft sheen, while others are finished with a layer of high-gloss metallic.

Only for the adventurous
Strictly geometric, and at the same time playful and exuberant. The supple lines and subtly shiny finish make Fury a design for the adventurous.

The perfect supplement
A faux-uni with guts. Zen has a subtly striped effect, and comes in 14 different colours. It is the perfect supplement to any of the designs in the Mixed Moods collection.