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About HookedOnWalls

A designer wallpaper brand
Sometimes daring, often surprising, and always just a little different. HookedOnWalls is a designer wallpaper brand with its own particular style, tasteful yet accessible. The patterns are suitable anywhere, in private interiors as well as in the contract market. In the comprehensive product range there is something for everyone’s taste. 

Designs with an eye for detail
The collections are created by a team of experienced designers. Rather than merely following interior design and fashion trends, they stand at the vanguard, laying the groundwork for new trends. Each new design is created with a meticulous eye for detail. Similarly, the colour palette of each new collection is scrupulously conceived. Therefore it’s no surprise that (interior) designers are so keen to work with HookedOnWalls.

A brand of the Arte group
HookedOnWalls was founded over 10 years ago. It is a brand of the Arte group; a European designer and manufacturer of high-end wallcovering, based in Belgium. Arte was established in 1981 and has earned a strong global reputation for quality, technical know-how, service and innovation.