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“Folding, sculpting, twisting and creasing. Shaping paper with your hands. It’s a desirable craft for the imaginative mind.”







Paper art

Origami requires a great deal of patience and fingertip flair. Origami can be so meticulous it can seem daunting to the amateur. So, why not leave this art form to the professionals, and go easy on yourself … with the Paper Craft collection you can enjoy paper art on your wall, without all the complex work!

Paper has so much more to offer than merely being something to write on. As such, paper folding art or origami, has been popular in Japan for centuries now. In this art discipline paper is the primary material used to create tiny works of art. Ubiquitously these miniature creations are cranes or geometric shapes. However, the possibilities are nigh on endless! It’s hardly surprising therefore that origami is making itself known in our interiors. So we see paper or cardboard transformed into lampshades or wall decorations, but the materials also inspire unique textile variants. For example, cushions with a geometric relief, or the look of crinkled paper.

With six patterns the Paper Craft collection pays homage to origami: Flow, Fold, Blocks, Fan, Crinkle and Pieces. These prints on a smooth non-woven backing create a highly realistic effect. The patterns come in vibrant colours, such as pink, yellow, orange and blue, as well as more neutral tones, such as grey, beige and white.

Go with the flow
Flow exudes tranquility with its mellow interplay of lines. The simulated crinkles create a natural, undulating effect. From a little distance away it even looks like the wall has acquired a soft lining.

Complex beauty
Fold’s gracious pattern appears to derive from another dimension. The pattern is extremely impressive, illustrating a complex folding process. A veritable spectacle on your wall!

Are you a fan of Cubism? Blocks lends a classic print an additional depth with its relief and shadow allusions. This pattern can be placed pretty much anywhere, fitting perfectly into any interior design.

A fresh breeze
The sumptuous Fan print blows a fresh breeze through your interior. The endless sequence of fans creates a voluminous effect and introduces a unique, somewhat oriental, ambience to your interior. 

Natural whimsicality
With its whimsical creases Crinkle is perhaps the least predictable pattern in our collection. Nonetheless, a certain balance is to be found in the pattern; one that brings to mind the natural curve formations of rocks.

Nuanced symmetry
Pieces’ rigid checked pattern refers subtly to origami. This pattern has soft colour hues that lend depth and dynamism to the design.