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"Entering this place is like a happy embrace of tinted memories. It seems to tell its own story, like old stained glass tiles."









HW invents new classics
In the quest for modern prints brimming with character, be sure to consider the new Tinted Tiles collection from HookedOnWalls. The collection consists of eight patterns, broadly inspired by tile motifs from various periods and tendencies. Classical influences permeate the prints and textures of this collection, while remaining consistent with the HW line: timeless, inspiring and audacious.

Subtle with a touch of humour
Pure lines for those who appreciate peace and quiet. A subtle trio of designs with small, fine patterns with a touch of humour. Blend, Twist and Tangle are not too striking, yet they alter the dynamic of any room.

Let it snow
Flake suggests gentle snowfall on your wall. A tight lozenge pattern with irregularly coloured surfaces visually creates a snowflake effect. The pattern fits perfectly into the geometric trend and is available both in neutral tints and in intense, warm colours.

Industrial with a nod
A striking pattern: Groove is rigidly geometric, but nevertheless irregular. A touch of industrial, yet with a clear nod to purity of form. The wallpaper is available in various matching tones colour combinations.

Graphic pattern
A graphic pattern elaborated in detail, that is perfectly at home in modern interiors. The colours are just right: besides neutral grey and beige shades, Helix is available in subdued pink, mysterious purple and fresh green.

An intriguing sight
Lush invites you to discover all sorts of things. Geometric figures, circles and triangles form an intriguing sight, which is anything but boring. A pattern with a twist, that clearly draws inspiration from the Art Deco period. A number of colours are finished with velvet for an additional touch of luxury.

Artistic and bold
Opulent is broadly based on the familiar works of Mondriaan. Artistic and bold, with distinctive colour combinations that make a statement. Yet the modern colours are not too blatant, since the pattern itself is sufficiently eye-catching.